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Everyone loves Hawaii, especially the Island of Maui.  Valley Isle Excursions always wants to know how people enjoyed their day and how their day could be better.Listening to everyone’s comments, even those who went with other tour companies, allowed us to prepare a journey to Hana that is truly incredible.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company:  “A long day…”

Valley Isle Excursions: We try to do our best to take stops that allow you to enjoy the day completely from start to finish.  There is definitely a lot to see on this very FULL day of exploration.  We want you to get the maximum time at the very best lookouts, waterfalls, beaches, pools and historical landmarks.  We are the only locally owned tour company that stops at “Seven Pools” and Oheo Gulch.  It’s our backyard, our neighborhood and our island, of course we are going to take you!

The Seven Pools really rejuvenate you as you wade into the beautiful pools or take the most scenic gulch hike in Maui.  That alone is a must do for anyone going to Hana.  You feel so refreshed that the rest of the day is really like a whole new day.   Our stop at the Seven Pools is as long as everyone wants, sometimes up to an hour which gives you plenty of time to do a hike and really relax in Heavenly Hana.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “Bring fluids and snacks…”

Valley Isle Excursions: Not the case with us!!  The only thing we want you to bring are the things that we can’t give to you… your shoes, clothes, a camera and your excitement!  Valley Isle Excursions provides the rest and you’ll be glad we did.  We start the day with a quick pickup at your hotel and we bring you to breakfast.  A beautiful Hawaiian continental breakfast gives you fuel for the journey and allow you to mingle with others who might be riding along with you in your Cruiser.  Eat together, chat for a bit and feel the “aloha” as you all begin to feel the excitement of what you are about to experience.  We’ve learned that traveling a winding road and a full day starts better with a full stomach, some juice and a bit of coffee or tea.

In Hawaii we have plenty of hot days.   Our tour runs better if you stay cool and relaxed.  So in addition to our air-conditioned luxury cruisers we also provide as many nice, cold cola, water and fruit juice drinks as you want all day long and they’re all packed in ice.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “Cool in the front / warm in the back…”

Valley Isle Excursions: On some of our competitor’s tours they pack in 15 to 24 people into a mini-bus or larger.  They haven’t been designed properly to give you a comfortable temperature wherever you sit.  Our comfort cruisers are only 12 passengers.  The over sized seats give you plenty of room and because our cruisers are smaller, there is no temperature change depending on where you sit.  It’s a nice comfortable air-conditioned atmosphere.  You see and experience more in comfort.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “Sitting on the bump…”

Valley Isle Excursions: Meaning the wheel-well which restricts space and makes for a bumpy ride.  Valley Isle Excursions uses our custom, elevated comfort cruisers that have great suspension with the wheel-well positioned, you won’t notice a thing.  You are riding higher than other vehicles because our cruisers are built higher and with better suspension.  The ride is so much smoother because of it.  There are no restrictions in your leg room so stretch out, relax and enjoy a Maui day trip.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “We could not stop to take pictures.”

Valley Isle Excursions: This situation would never occur on our Incredible Journey to Hana.  It’s all about you and if you want to take pictures then we make sure you get to all the best spots you want.  Our guides will even take the pictures for you with your camera!  Finally have the whole family included in a vacation.  Capture those moments that will create great memories of the whole family having fun together.  Our elevated comfort cruisers allow you to get some amazing shots while you are still in the van too.  So no matter what there will be time to stop and catch a rainbow.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “There was not a single moment to take a picture.”

Valley Isle Excursions :  Our Comfort Cruisers are specially built for the Hana highway.  They are the perfect size, holding just 12 passengers, to give you the smoothest ride and get you to the places you really should see.   Our guides point out all the very best things you should see and you’ll capture stunning pictures through the over sized window, elevated above the road.   You’ll get better pictures, at better angles without having to leave your seat.  We’ll stop for you anytime you ask, but your safety and comfort is our number one priority.

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour taken with a different tour company: “…did not hear much stories about the island or culture.”

Valley Isle Excursions: There is no way you won’t hear about stories of Hawaiian culture, historical facts or natural events.  Our Road to Hana guides are never at a loss for words but they definitely know when to let the sounds and sights of the road speak for itself.   We know a lot about Maui and are eager to share that knowledge with anyone who asks.   We’ll give you a fresh perspective and give first hand account of Hawaiian culture.  Many of our Maui Tour guides are Hawaiian and we are passing through their families’ ancestral land.   They know that by showing and teaching you about it, you will help protect it and keep the beauty safe for generations to experience for years to come.   Our Maui guides want you to be experts too but won’t overwhelm you with anything but good old fashion Aloha!

Tourist comment on a Road to Hana Tour, with a different tour company: “We were waiting while our guide finishes chatting.”
Valley Isle Excursions : Many of our brothah’s, sistah’s, aunties and uncles live or work along the road to Hana.  We constantly are waving to and greeting people along the way but our Ohana for the day is you.   You are the priority.   When family comes to visit we want to show them the best and make sure they have the very best day on Maui.   It’s not Maui No Ka Oi for no reason.   Since we only have a day to spend with you, we’ll never make you wait for us.  Our job is to wait on you and we will all day long, including breakfast and lunch!

Valley Isle Excursions philosophy on “The Incredible Journey to Hana”

We want you to enjoy your day by it being relaxed and carefree.  In Hana there is no other way!  So we created our journey to Hana which includes whatever it is you want to do.  Since no tour is EVER over 12 people you get to customize your entire day with all the amazing things you want to do like… swimming in the seven pools, hiking into some incredible rainforest,  experiencing a bamboo forest, enjoying beautiful waterfalls and scoring some incredible coastal views with rainbows.

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Maui Tours with Valley Isle Excursions is a Hana Maui day tour adventure on road to Hana Maui .The  Road To Hana Maui Sightseeing Tour takes in all the sights, sounds and activities of Maui.
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